About Akfa Holding

Established in 1997 AKFA Technology began operations nationally and internationally with the vision of being one of the most reputable companies in Turkey. Today, the AKFA group is comprised of 15 companies, 12 domestic and 3 based overseas with our human capital of more than 700 specialized employees.

AKFA Holding designates its strategic work branches in four major areas. Namely: Manufacturing and Industry, Construction and Electro-mechanics, Healthcare and Information Technologies. We provide innovative products and services in information technologies, medical technologies, radio and television broadcasting technology, software solutions, engineering, electro-mechanics, architecture and chemical industry support.

Having a nearly one hundred percent customer satisfaction and retention rate can be directly attributed to the positive energy we garner from our well-educated, highly experienced and highly motivated human resources along with our internationally acclaimed, high tech solution provider partners. With the synergy generated by our partners and the AKFA team, we forge ahead to confidently meet all future challenges.

At AKFA, we believe that the use of technology is distinctive in every context from the development of an individual to the development of an entire country. Furthermore, only those companies that make it a fundamental principle to embrace technological innovations will have the staying power to remain viable in emerging and constantly changing markets. At AKFA we have integrated this tech-savvy culture into all of our companies and activities.

All of us at AKFA Holding believe that success does not only consist of numbers. Profitability alone means nothing without investments and contributions towards the development of the individuals and the teams who get the job done. For that purpose, the holding company, which remains loyal to its employees as well as its social and communal responsibilities, shapes all of its efforts to this end.

The purpose of the AKFA Holding Group is to focus on technological advantages and to strive for perfection by providing top notch added value products and solutions which will help carry Turkey further into the global arena and ensure our mutual success.