International Markets
In 2011 our AKFA offices became operational in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and 2012 in Abu Dhabi. We organize all our Gulf country services from these offices. We are planning to double our exports to the Gulf region by winning contracts for large-scale investment and infrastructure development projects in the healthcare, media, informatics and construction sectors. Our plan is to extend our network in the other Gulf states as well, specifically Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
At AKFA U.A.E. we collaborate with both Turkish and Arab Construction companies and contractors on very large-scale projects. Our new offices in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arabic Emirates, is responsible for sales and services of turnkey electromechanical and building security-automation systems for hotels, malls, entertainment facilities and residential projects. In addition to these projects, we participate in turnkey hospital projects with our medical group of companies and facilitate complete electro-mechanical building management systems for high-rise office tower projects.

We’re about to open an AKFA Holding Qatar branch for business, which will operate in the informatics, electro-mechanical and security systems fields. Our first contract in Qatar will be to help build the new university and their on-campus R&D buildings.

We are also currently working on major infrastructure and superstructure projects that have commenced in preparation for the 2022 World Cup Football Championship to be held in Doha. We are currently making plans to participate in the construction of 12 new football stadiums and the new Light Rail Transit systems in preparation for the World Cup.

We continue to remain highly active in Saudi Arabia, where we are collaborating with the major Turkish construction companies to provide informatics, electro-mechanical, security and interior design services for residential housing developments and shopping malls. We are also actively pursuing public and private tenders on turnkey hospital projects.